“The Smiling Daisy Cafe: You Say Omlette, I Say Fritatta!”

December 5, 2010, Milford Center, OH. If Milford Center, Ohio isn’t on your culinary map, then you’re in for a real surprise because Chef Dale Romp has opened something rarely seen in rural Ohio, a first-class Short-North-Worthy cafe!  Who’d of thunk it?  But wow!  Homemade pastries to die for, focaccia breads, and unbelievable fritattas.

Chef Romp made mine with home-made Cajun Canadian Bacon, Feta, cheddar and all colors of peppers.  Oh, it was served on a bed of mouth watering home fries and home-made Parmesan focaccia!  Unbelievable!  My lovely companion ordered a Fritatta too; hers was artfully designed with apple, home-smoked loin bacon, cheddar and feta.

Chef Romp has designed the entire kitchen around a 50 year old pizza oven that looks like a throw-back to the days of steam locomotives!  What?  No griddle?  No stove?  “No problem”, says the chef, “I wanted a unique cooking experience that would translate into an eating experience made the way I like it!”

So where do those Fritattas and home-fries come from?  Ah, a stack of black iron skillets await service in the upper oven, all 500 degrees and ready to meld a masterpiece at Romp’s hands!  It’s just amazing what a hot pizza oven can do to change your eating experience from ordinary to creative, cool, and awesome!

And just so you know that the 29 minute drive to Milford Center is worth it, nobody goes home hungry after eating the monster portions Chef Romp assembles!  I commented on a beautiful platter of gargantuan bacon, cheddar and herb “un-sweet rolls” fresh from Romp’s oven and, I kid you not, he said, “Those came out small so I’m going to sell them at half-price.”  Really!

Really, Chef Romp!  Really great!  We couldn’t consume another bite, but we took home four of Romp’s homemade pastries, hot from the oven, weighing about 4 pounds in total.  And I forced myself to eat one for lunch.  Try the Cranberry apple Danish or the incredible sweet potato pecan sticky bun if you want a piece of heaven on earth!
The Smiling Daisy Cafe is small so be prepared to sit at the counter and watch Chef Romp creating his new genre before your very eyes!  And check out his collection of antique coffee pots and teapots while you’re there.  The Smiling Daisy Cafe is what I call everyday chic’.  Go!  It’s located at 27 E. State Street, Milford Center, OH, just a half-block east of US Hwy. 4.  State street is the only light in town; you can’t miss it!

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